Spring Check


In every region of the country, vehicles take the brunt of winter—whether from torrential downpours, freezing rain, flooded streets, or snow, ice, and road salts. Many drivers may not know that much about spring car care, so Speed Garage provides simple tips and instructions that even beginner should to know.

The car experts at Speed Garage Kilkenny recommend an end-of-winter-vehicle maintenance check for safe, money-saving spring driving—and have made it easy with the following checklist: 

Tyres - Your car’s tires have to work harder in the winter with colder temperatures, salt and ice on the roads. Check to make sure you have enough tread left on your tires by doing the  penny test. Your tyre pressure should match the recommended tire pressure in your vehicle manual.

Blades - wiper blades take a severe beating. Cold temperatures are hard on rubber compounds, and they also get bombarded with dirt–laden slush kicked up by traffic. Now is a good time to check and replace them. Also replenish your windscreen fluid as well since there's a good chance winter's dirt has exhausted the reservoir.

Fluids—check all automotive fluids and top off as necessary. Winter driving conditions require your engine to work harder and deplete fluid levels faster.

Brakes—examine your brakes. Like wipers, brakes take on a bigger role during wintertime and should be checked to ensure they've survived.

Batteries-They work harder when it's cold, and winter can compromise their cranking performance up to 60 percent. Test and replace old or weak batteries, especially those more than three years old. It can be cheaper than a tow and replacement on the road. 

Belts and hoses-Inspect and replace worn or cracked belts, as well as hoses that are blistered, brittle or too soft. Belts and hoses older than five years, even if they look intact, might need to be replaced. Suspension: Deep potholes aren't friendly to shocks and struts. An inspection to determine wear or leaks can alleviate bigger issues down the road.

Air conditioning-Turn on the cooler full blast and make sure it reaches that max chill in short order

Also you should inspect  the engine air filter and the cabin air filter, inspect steering components and steering linkage and all the cars lights.

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