Car Service & Maintenance

Keep your vehicle running in tip top condition with annual maintenance checks and services.

Service and Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance can help prevent larger, more expensive problems occurring with your car.

Servicing should be carried out regularly in line with vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines, but should certainly occur at least annually, with this increasing in frequency if you do higher annual mileage rates.

Headlight Beam Alignment

Headlight beam misalignment is one of the reasons why cars can fail their NCT test. We are specialized in aligning the headlights to the legal required standards for your vehicle. Misaligned headlight beam can blind incoming traffic and can cause accidents.

Have your headlight beam alignment checked by a professional.

Drive safe!


Many cars and vehicles require diagnostic tests to be carried out in order to ascertain the problem with the engine and vehicle operation. Cars can be linked up to a diagnostic machine which then checks the vehicle to locate problems such as with sensors that control air flow into the engine to enable optimal engine performance.

Repairs can then be carried out to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Clunking, Knocking and Bumping Noises

When your car starts to make unusual noises, judder, clunk or knock, seeking advice from an experienced local garage as soon as possible is a wise move.

Leaving vehicular problems unchecked can cause them to worsen, and can even cause damage to other components under the bonnet or in your car, leading to higher repair bills which are never welcome.

Air Conditioning Service

These days, over 2/3 of vehicles are fitted with air-conditioning or climate control systems as standard. 90% of all new cars have air conditioning.

Make sure you have it serviced regularly. Otherwise, it could break down, consume more fuel or lead to uncomfortable smells in the car.

How often should I have it checked?

Make sure you have it disinfected once a year. You should also have the filter changed on an annual basis,have it thoroughly serviced once every two years. This will avoid high repair costs of the whole system and prevent it from breaking down completely,recharge your air conditioning system approximately every 20,000 km or every 2 years,replace the cabin filter at each reload of your air conditioning system,contact us for more information and tips.

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